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Do your pipes need replaced?

Is your home older? Have you noticed a change in water pressure or leakage? Older homes were often built with galvanized piping. Over time galvanized piping can corrode and become rusty, leading to a loss in water pressure, rusty water, and leakage which could damage your home.


If you are concerned about the condition of your pipes or would like to prevent future issues, call Cox Plumbing for a FREE estimate on repiping your home!

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As an Upunor certified installer since 1996, Cox Plumbing has the experience to quickly and effectively install the Pex-a piping you need. PEX-a piping won't pit, scale or corrode over time and is highly flexible.  This flexibility is what allows for a less invasive installation than other types of pipes, causing less damage to homes and less downtime for you, the homeowner.


Don't settle for second-rate piping! Contact us today for a FREE estimate on repiping your home!

When older pipes corrode it can cause higher water bills or even cause expensive damage to your home. It is often more cost-effective and convenient to replace the older, damaged pipes rather than repair the current pipes.


Call Cox Plumbing today for a FREE estimate on replacing the pipes in your home. Our prices are very reasonable and, if it is necessary, we have the expertise to rebuild your entire home piping system and make it work better than ever!

Save money with repiping


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